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by Roxanne Dwyer - Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 9:37 AM

As a reminder Christian Service Hours are required to graduate.  If you are lacking in your hours, please contact me ASAP at 386-257-4622 so you can fulfill the requirements for graduation.  If you have any questions please contact me.

This is what the handbook states:

Christian Service Hours

A minimum of five (5) hours per month of Christian Service Hours are needed to receive a degree in Biblical Studies. These hours are necessary to graduate. Christian service hours are required to help students put into practice what has been expressed in the classroom. It allows students hands-on training in various ministries of the local church and helps to better the understanding of their calling. The Christian Service hours are to be submitted before the end of the term at week eight.  We understand that there are other areas of ministry that can be defined as Christian Service, but for the purpose of streamlining the following are approved areas of service at IBTC:

            -Helps Ministry: Bookstore, Usher, Greeter, Hospitality

            -Children’s Ministry: Nursery, Toddler, Pre-K; Grade School

            -Media Ministry: Television/Media Production, Editing, Multi-Media

If a student is involved in another local church, they may volunteer in any comparable ministries. For any questions or concerns regarding Christian Service Hours, please contact the Dean of Students at IBTC.


Roxanne Dwyer

Dean of Students